Wednesday, October 10, 2007

My Own Little Pumpkin Pie

October 10th

When Parker was about a month old he had bright red hair. It lasted for about 6 months and then slowly turned blonde (which I really love as well and I'm somewhat partial to.) During his red head days I called him "my little pumpkin pie"...and it stuck. I still call him that sometimes. I was reminded of that name while I was trying desperately to take a perfect pumpkin picture today. He doesn't fall very often for my tricks with the camera anymore...but I love these.

Here is my very own little pumpkin pie........I couldn't decide which I liked so I posted them all. These were all taken in my living room in front of my brown walls with just window light. It's amazing what you can do with natural light!


Annie said...

I love them all. Parker is such a cutie pie.

Lisa Walsh said...

Beautiful natural light portraits. He's got some gorgeous blue eyes!