Monday, October 8, 2007

Where God Puts Things

October 8th
"God sure does put things in amazing places sometimes"......That's what my Grandma Sophie used to say when she would visit Wyoming. She was always amazed at the landscape. She was very intrigued with sage brush the first time she saw it and took some home to plant. She loved the rivers, and lakes, and the hot springs, and the flowers, and the wilderness because it was all different from where she lived.
I took a drive out to Veedavoo today with Oliver and Park. We hiked and played on the rocks and looked at the leaves and smelled the lime growing on the rocks and threw sticks and took photos. (Which is kind of hard to do with a 30 pound child in one arm and little dog connected to the other). It was such a nice drive. We took the back way in from Happy Jack Road.

This was on the drive back home. Gotta love the way fall looks in a beaver pond.


Lisa Walsh said...

Great landscapes! I especially love the second photo. Looks like a beautiful place to take pictures.

Tiarra said...

I just love these images! I scrolled down through your work and you do wonderful images. I will bookmark your blog to see what other pictures that post!

Stacey J. said...

Lisa~ it is a wonderful place for photos...I wish I had a wider angle for it though.

Tiarra..Thanks..please do come back!! I update all the time!

Sean Albertson said...

Hey there Stac.... I really like the beaver pond. Shoot me a big copy of that one if you could. As well as the ones we talked about from Alaska. You've seen the house I need some big Pics! Can't think of a better way to decorate!! Let me know