Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Go Wrockies

October 23rd
That's the way Parker says it when they come on TV. The Rockies are on their way to the World Series...so in their honor, I shot these of old worn out baseball equipment. It's mainly a post for the boys...which I know I don't do all that often. What can I say.....I'm just a girlie-girl down to the core and quit t-ball when I was 5 because I thought grasshoppers in the outfield were making sounds like snakes. I even wore a ruffled collared shirt under my t-ball t-shirt so everyone would know I'm a girl. Oh...and I also wore a flower pin on my hat. We tried to get tickets to one of the games, along with 5 million other people. Kevin had this elaborate plan that each of us be online trying to purchase them at the same time....the same plan 5 million other people had which broke the Rockies computer system. Needless to say the second time around we didn't get tickets either. So.... we will be watching from the comfort of our home in front of the fire place. Or should I say I'll be listening as I pass through the room every now and again.

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Kara said...

That's funny... you guys were online doing the same thing Josh and I were yesterday and today! We weren't successful, either.