Thursday, October 4, 2007

A Challenged Pumpkin

October 4th

Well...let's just say pumpkins aren't our forte'. We've tried for years, but to no avail, to grow pumpkins. I get so jealous at the pumpkin patch we visit annually at the extraordinary amount of pumpkins they can grow just a mere 45 minutes away from us. At the pumpkin "weigh in" here in town....the winner was over 800 pounds....can you imagine????!! Here is my measley little 5 ounce pumpkin. It is very darling, but not very big.

At least Parker likes it!!

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Annie said...

Well we must be doing the same thing with our pumpkins because the only ones that I got to grow this year was the little decorative pumpkins. My sister has eight orange ones and seven green ones that should be ready for Halloween. Maybe next year I will try again.