Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Spiced Tea

October 2nd

I spent a good share of my time with my grandmother as I was growing up. She was quite a woman to say the least and the cornerstone of my family. She would tell dirty jokes that would make a brute of man like my dad blush rose red. When she was talking to a group, she would call everyone "yous" and would occasionally curse in her native German under her breath or sometimes not so much under her breath. Back in her day she was small and portly. She only stood 4'11''.....luckily I didn't inherit her height and was bending to hug her in 4th or 5th grade. Just to say I miss her would be like saying the Titanic was just a big ship.

Toward winter, during my visits, my gram would have a handful of Mr. Goodbars (that she had saved from the whole minatures package just for me) and a jar of Spice Tea to take with me. I would bring it back to have it filled several times a year. My brother did the same.

So I share with you a favorite fall drink. This is the jar she used to fill for me. I picked up the vintage 70's mug a couple years back as it always felt more "right" to drink it out of that, as it reminded me of her. (Only hers had mushrooms, like many other grandmas her age had as well)

Spice Tea

1/2 Cup Instant Tea (Caf or decaf)

2 Cups Sugar (or Splenda for those diabetics)

1 Cup Tang (My brother informed that there is sugar-fee tang on the market as well)

1/8 tsp Ground Cloves

1/8 tsp Cinnamon

1/4 tsp Ground Ginger


Holly said...

Yum! I look forward to trying it and what great memories for you.

Annie said...

I made some and love it. What a great idea for gift in a jar for Christmas. Thanks for sharing your memories of your Grandma with us.

Sean Albertson said...


That brings back a lot of memories.... Such a strong woman in such a little body. Walks in the back pasture thise time of year were my favorite, you could even get her to go once in a while. In the last years while I lived there in we would play cribbage for a couple of hours on Satuday and Sunday morning before coffee or church. There was a two year stretch where I never beat her once..... I miss her too Stac......