Thursday, April 3, 2008

April Afternoon

Sometimes in the afternoon when when I settle down, I like to kick my heels off and throw on my Elmo t-shirt (because for some reason my kiddo treats me like a queen when I wear it, plus all the toddlers think I'm the fun mommy, it's magical I tell you.) and some comfy, holey cargos (they're my moms favorite I'm sure) and mix myself up a delicious fruit and yogurt shake. But as you can see... I always have to share with the little ankle nipper living in my house, or he'll cry those big crocodile tears and make me feel as if I've ruined his childhood.

And because he's so darn irresistible, and I don't really like crocodile tears and he has an extreme passion for pears and mango.....I let him have it all to himself. Hot chocolate. Shakes.....what's next?

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