Sunday, April 6, 2008

Early Morning Sunshine

Five o'clock rolled around this morning and my little one and I were wide awake pondering the wonders of the world. So I whispered to him "let's go for a ride" and with a little smile he got up and collected all the things he needed to take with him for a ride. We piled into the car with Elmo, the elephant, the blanket, milk, the dog and the camera and went on our way. Good thing Starbucks opens early. I was hoping the car would allow him to drift back into dreamland.....and it did, before we left the driveway.

I, by nature, am a morning person. I haven't ever used an alarm clock. Getting up and breathing in the quiet brings a certain calm to my being. I adore watching the world wake up and come to life. Some days I can't wait to get out of bed, and today was one of them.

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