Friday, April 25, 2008

Just Because.

Because I was suppose to see her this month and now she can't come and I haven't seen her since her wedding day, and I'm kinda bummed.

Because she now has three kids and I have one....all boys. I'd venture to guess mine is the orniest of them all.

Because we were 13 years old in this picture and it's still my favorite.

Because she will probably be mad that I put this picture up for all the world to see. She will ask that I take it down. I'll tell her no.

Because she had braces for 10 years and I had big hair for about the same amount of time.

Because on the ride home after this photo was taken we were threatened to be kicked out of the car for making fun of and fighting with her younger brother who is now MUCH bigger than us.

Because we are polar opposites yet somehow manage to stay friends.

Because somedays I miss her.

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