Friday, April 11, 2008

Week 15: Natural Light

Natural light. My one and only medium. It's simple. It's beautiful. It's truthful. Don't get me wrong, studio work is amazing and sometimes I wish I knew more about it, but there's just something about natural light that makes me giddy!!!

This is one of the places I use in my house. Looks horrible and boring doesn't it? I can't tell you how many times I've had people give me "the I don't think this is going to work" kind of look.....but seriously, anywhere there's sunlight and windows, there's an opportunity.

So, since everyone at my house was busy watching Peter Pan (all the animals were as well) and the tic-tocking crocodile (which is the noise my son thinks crocodiles make) I threw my sassy self in front of the camera for the demonstration. I am sassy, just so you know. The large door is lighting me from the left but also bouncing off the floor and onto my face and against the light door I'm standing in front of. All of that combined makes great conditions for natural light portraiture.

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