Monday, October 4, 2010

I Am Lucky to Have Bad Days

Some days are just those kinds of days.
I sucked at today.
and sometimes it's ok to do that.

Once you become a parent, at least for me, my days are normally measured by how well I get on with my kiddo. Some days you wish there was a mute button for them. Some days it is so hard to concentrate on what they are trying to tell you . Some days all you need is two single minutes to have an adult conversation without the interruption of.."mommy. Mommy. MOMMY!" some days are like that. And I don't necessarily think it makes one a bad parent for having those feelings... I think it makes me human. 

A little boy died yesterday from being hit with a 900 pound hay bale a few weeks ago. He has been in critical condition.  He died of brain injuries. And here I complain about a child talking too much. A child that needs interaction. A kiddo that uses his brain every single second he is awake.  I am a lucky mom to not have a day like the mom of the little boy who died probably had today.

So yes, today wasn't perfect, and yes some days are frustrating....but at least I get to lay here and type next to my sleeping child, watch him breath in and out and wonder what he's dreaming about. And tomorrow I will wake up and I will get to listen to him chatter about flinstone vitamins and dinosaur toes. It will be a beautiful day.

As a friend of mine said today: "Just one tough day in an otherwise charmed life." Well said my friend.

Song: Bad Day, Daniel Power


Dominique Long said...

Sometimes I feel like the only mommy that get's annoyed hearing her kid talk so much :) lol. My daughter is going through a reapeating phase... "mommy my dress is pretty. Mommy isn't my dress pretty? My dress is pretty mommy....look at my pretty dress". Haha.
I know all too well how a freak accident can take the life of someone you love...and whenever I think of makes me appreciate that she is at least alive and bugging the hell out of me :) This posting gave me heart goes out to that family that lost their child. And I hope you have a better day tomorrow!

Stacey J. said...

No Dominique, I think everyone has those days. We woke up to beautiful sunshine...therefore a beautiful day is ahead of us.

Beth said...

I'm aware of the family you are referring to. It is very heartbreaking, I think especially because he was little boy and I have little boys, so I related somehow. I had some of the same thoughts yesterday when Andrew spilled his lemonade and cried while Henry was screaming to eat while the dog was on the table eating our spaghetti. You know even when the total chaos seems unbearable, you remember that at least you have chaos when others are grieving that they won't have it again.

sherrieg said...

Thanks, Stacey. I needed that today.