Thursday, October 28, 2010


There was a movie this summer that some of you moms probably went to see. One where a little boy is leaving to college and his toys are trying to figure what to do with their lives after he's gone. I was one of those moms completely sobbing through a good portion of that movie. I felt so bad for those old toys...because I could picture my son's dinosaurs talking to each other after he leaves for college, wondering why they don't get organized any more according to their size, or smashed together. Or raggedy Elmo, with his sad little broken eye sleeping all alone. But that time won't come for a long long long while. In the mean time....I'm going to catch the moments. The ones where he's not looking. The ones where he's caught up in make believe. Oh how I wish we could all visit that world more often... kids get to go to the greatest places sometimes.

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