Sunday, October 31, 2010

Hallows Eve

Even though there were countless things going on in town last night for the little ones, we decided to stay in  and make our very own special Hallows Eve Dinner. I'm really enjoying the time with my family right now and I wanted to make something super special for last night. We went all out. It was completely AWESOME.  We set up tables in the front porch for both the adults (all 4 of us) and one special one for the kiddos. We strung lights across the top and had candles everywhere. There were spooky gourds and pumpkins glowing.

We had spider web cake.

We drank out of pumpkin glasses.I just cut pieces of black duct tape so at the end of the evening we just peeled it off and had my stemware in tact. We colored the milk orange for the little ones.
I made little treat sacks for the little ones. All two of them.
Pumpkin Cheese Ball:  Just made with my favorite cheese ball recipe. Added a little food coloring and cut out pieces of green pepper for the face.
Got little decals for all the bottles. This is really ugly BBQ sauce that went with the goblin and troll legs we had (they were suppose to be bat wings, but the coloring was more green so we changed the name)
Little Marshmallow Witches provided by my good friend.
Hot Dog Mummies.

And Finger Poppers. (these were my favorite of the entire meal!)
Song: Monster Mash
There is actually a whole playlist of Halloween songs in there.

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Kara said...

OMGosh, how wonderful!!! I love everything about it!!!! So fun!